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6 Chefs Who Fight Food Waste with Trash Cooking

The stats on food waste are sobering. No less an authority than the World Bank said last year that up to one third of the world's food production billion metric tons every year—is wasted. In the United States alone, the Food Waste Reduction Alliance estimates that 80 billion pounds of food made it to landfills last year.

3 Sustainable Alternatives to Polystyrene

As the campaign to ban polystyrene packaging snowballs across the world, that foam takeout box will likely become a relic soon. Or maybe not, because even five centuries from now, the foam containers we dispose of today will still be intact in some landfill. Compare that to eco-disposables which end up as compost—and not in overflowing landfills—and you know why it is high time both consumers and businesses took polystyrene alternatives seriously.

Canary Wharf turning food waste into energy

SEAB ENERGY will pilot their unique waste-to-energy micro-power plant at Canary Wharf after winning the second phase of the Cognicity Challenge.

Seven ways to save energy costs in your business

FOOD OUTLETS use a large amount of gas and electricity as part of food storage and preparation. For a small business, this can mean a dent in profits if you don't keep a close eye on your bills.

The Power of Food Waste

Food waste has real power. I recently had the opportunity to witness the difference food waste can make to not only a community, but also our environment. A few weeks ago, the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, which was created by FMI, GMA and National Restaurant Association to address food waste as an industry, held a meeting in Orlando, FL and we took some time to experience the power of food waste first hand.

5 eco-friendly trends radically transforming foodservice

You know things are changing when restaurant giants like McDonald's and Burger King publicly oppose unethical farm animal practices. Recent news has seen resturants going green and implementing sustainable practices to conserve energy and provide healthier offerings. As restaurants race toward trends the millennial generation embraces, environment- and animal-friendly initiatives are picking up speed.

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