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Insect Food Cart

Author: Paul

Anyone that pays any attention to the food world has seen a plethora of articles on the rise of the food cart and very conceivable iteration of that concept. Those who have read this blog before know that I love the idea of eating low of the food chain and particularly invasive species. Now chef in San Francisco, Monica Martinez, is taking the food cart and sustainable food to a new level by opening an edible insect food cart.

You can’t get much lower on the food chain than insects and I’m sure no one knows what the carbon footprint of raising insects, but they can’t be anywhere near beef or chicken. So it is a win there. My one personal experience with eating insects was with fried bamboo worms in Thailand. They were actually quite good and had I not known they were bamboo worms I would have just thought they were little, salty fried crisps of some sort. Given that, I’m looking forward to trying the moth larvae tacos.